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31 May 1985
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Laura is a type of marsupial that has managed through dedicated slacking-off to "work" her way up to the honorable position of College Senior, majoring in Sequential Art at the noted college of $CAD SCAD.
She is easily identifiable from other species of College Slackers by means of her black cabby-cap, frizzy yellow hair, and bemused expression. She has a strange obsession with frogs. She rarely leaves her cave-like habitat, except to search out sustinance (food, books, comics, guys). Reliable witnesses have spotted her at the local Swing Club meetings, dancing poorly, but with great vigor.

When not sleeping, the Laura spends her time on the internet, drawing everything in sight, or searching for cute, geeky guys who are willing to learn to Swing Dance. Thusfar, she is mateless.

She is a dedicated Christian, a half-decent friend, and, on occasion, a vanilla-mocha-latte-cappichino with sprinkles.
80's cartoons, a knight's tale, acting, alan doyle, alan tudyk, alphonse mucha, animaniacs, art school, art supply stores, autumn days, barenaked ladies, barnes and noble, batman, beatles, being a christian, being nocturnal, bill willingham, blues, blues brothers, boba fett, bone, british, british guys, broadway, bursting out into song, cartoons, celtic music, christianity, comics, darth maul, doctor who, dr. mccoy, drama boys, drawing, eddie izzard, elfquest, eric clapton, fables, fairies, faith, fan fiction, fanart, father mulcahy, feeling groovy, firefly, flogging molly, forearms, fountains, freckles, fred weasley, fred/hermione, frogs, fuzzy socks, gandalf, gargoyles, garlic, gir, glasses, godspell, graphic novels, great big sea, guys wearing scarfs, han solo, harley quinn, harpo marx, harrison ford, harry potter, hats, into the woods, irish, jazz, jesus, jesus christ, joss whedon, karate, les miserables, lord of the rings, lots of books, m*a*s*h, mad hatter, marx brothers movies, matrix twins, mortimer toynbee, moulin rouge, movies, mst3k, musicals, narnia, neil gaiman, nightcrawler, norman rockwell, otherland, owen burnett, paul mccartney, percy weasley, percy/hermione, phantom of the opera, pippin, pirates, puck, ray park, real cajun food, red-heads, ringo starr, rock, romance, sandman, scad, scarfs, scarves, sea shanties, sequential art, severus snape, shakespeare, sherlock holmes, shim-sham, singing, skywise, sleeping, sleeping late, snuggling, socks, sparrows, squirrels, star trek, star trek tos, star wars, strangers in paradise, stupid cheesy jokes, swing dancing, tad williams, talking too much, tea, the hobbit, the labyrinth, the last unicorn, the marx brothers, toad, tolkien, tom waits, tricksters, villains, wakko warner, wash, wicked, writing, x-men, x-men evolution