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Forgot how much fun this game can be with the right group. Wound up, for some reason, on a very chatty Australian server--silly and fun, but still very encouraging team chat. It got a bit Eddie Izzard-esque ("Shoot them! Make them die, destroy everything that isn't blue-shaped! Make them sad!"), most rounds finished with "High fives and ice cream for everyone!" "I don't want any ice cream." "Then you get a high five." "I want the highest five of them all!" Heck, some variant of that followed every point capped and every push stopped. And we played well. A bunch of those good games, where everyone's really playing and you're doing well, but it's still so very close (we won/lost most rounds by a handful of seconds/inches).

And it's just a little bit heart-warming to hear the oft-repeated cheer of "What's going to work?" "TEAMWORK!"

Best game I've had in ages.
DC: Blue Lantern


New Orleans Comic Con.

You think someone would've mentioned that to me? It's, like, a month away. I think I heard about it in passing in the same dismissive way most folk talk about whatever local anime con attempts to rise from our swampy land, but dude, this one's put on by Wizard.

There are artists there.

Yeah. Yeah, I'm goin'. Anyone else coming up?

Christmas posts later, probably, but for now, just sayin' I hope everyone had a good one. God bless!



Deep breaths, Laura. Deep breaths. Oh sweet cheese and biscuits, Kevin Maguire...

Better get cracking on that portfolio, then. And figure out what I want him to sign.

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So I realize now, approaching midnight, that wax paper is NOT the same thing as parchment paper, and that it's the latter I need to make meringue cookies. And you have to do meringue cookies the night before because they need to cure in the oven. And because tomorrow our oven will be being taken up by a lot of turkey.

Apparently, these cookies were not meant to be made. I finally decided to substitute carefully floured/pam'd tin foil, and set to work on the cookies.

Stiff peaks? The hell you say. First batch I think I spent over an hour, off and on, trying to get them to form, checking to see if maybe I'd misunderstood the concept of "stiff peaks" (oodles of google-searching solved by youtubing Alton Brown making a meringue and saying "these are stiff peaks"). They would not form. Period. I tried with the second batch, being extra special careful. No soap.

Actually, it occurs to me now that the problem was most likely that I stowed the egg whites in some plastic containers. Plastic's apparently bad for peaks. Balls.

Oh well. Alton Brown time!

(*grumble* there was stuff I was supposed to do tonight!)


Okay, I know that in days of yore I've said "I'm TOTALLY doing Christmas Cards" and then I totally haven't because I'm a lazy-bad procrastinator, yes. 'Tis true.


My point is, I'm doing Christmas cards. For reals, this time. You want one, drop me a comment with your name and address. Comments screened, natch.

Also, it's worth noting that my cards are going to be totally cool this year.

And just for fun, you might want to maybe mention a character or two from any fandom we might share. I can't promise it will result in anything, but who knows. Christmas miracles have been known to happen.

CHRISTMAS CARDS: Comment with name and address, get cool stuff!

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So today was just day. I didn't much care for it.

I woke up at the usual time and scurried off to work, but as soon as I walked in, Jordan told me he'd scheduled me off for today. Oh..okay? My fault for not checking the upcoming schedules, but I was banking on having to work next weekend, not this one. In fact, having a day off in the week of the seventh was going to be a real problem-solver. More than that, I don't take Mondays as my day off, I take Wednesdays, and if you're going to switch that around, maybe you could, I don't know, run that by me first/

Whatever, it's sorta nice to go into work and realize you have the whole day to do whatever you want with, and that unlike most weekends I didn't sleep until 11. I even ran to Target and picked up a nifty Batman shirt and some of those trendy-stupid shape-bracelet things that look like the Riddler when you take them off (there are other villains too, but I'm all about the Riddler).

And after that...huh. I just couldn't get a handle on the day. Around eleven, I was truly zonked (only managed 4 hours of sleep last night), so I took a nap that lasted until 2:30-ish, because that won't screw you up any more, amarite?

Mostly, I hate surprises. I hate when the day unfolds differently than I thought it would because someone else made different plans (not a divine "Someone Else"--just when someone calls me at the last minute and changes things around). I can't get my feet under me. So instead of having a day off in which I feel accomplished, maybe one where I read a book that needed reading (like The Manual of Detection), or drawing, or writing, or sorting my library books to bring back, I dicked around on the internet, re-read bits of Dresden books I already know, sort of tried some nanowrimo writing, and generally got nothing done, leaving me feeling

Meph. At least my Batman shirt is cool.
And ice cream with Katie was fun.
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I has a sad.

So today, Ms. Teresa, the lady who runs the comic shop, sent out this announcement:
If any of you are ready to buy this comic shop, it is now up for sale. Make a good Christmas present.

To be honest, I've seen this coming. They don't order as much stuff as they used to, they have fewer trades, less merchandise, and for the big pre-Christmas sale (which this year was all throughout the first week of November rather than the Saturday after Black Friday), Mr. Jerry, her husband, sold all his 700 Star Wars collectibles that have graced the shop for as long as I've known it. The official reason given was that he wanted to spend more time collecting guns, but really, everything this past year has been done with this kind of feeling of finality.

We have another comic shop, and in a lot of ways the selection is better, but it caters more to the gamer crowd, and I never feel quite as comfortable there. Ms.. Theresa, on the other hand, has greeted me by name since the very first time I walked through her door, with my Dad, because I couldn't drive yet, trying to find a Christmas present for my sister. She put a copy of Meridian in my hands, and that was one of the first comics I remember reading voraciously. Every time you go there, she'd throw a freebie into the bag with your purchase, and on her recommendation that's how I got into Fables and Strangers In Paradise. The past few years, we've had Lightsaber Tailgate Parties, where a bunch of patrons dress up, circle their cars, blare music and have lightsaber duels (or swing dance. Or whatever floats their boat), and it's always been epic. When I lived in Savannah, I either braved the porn-store-pretending-to-be-a-video/comic-shop or did without for a few months. When I lived in England, I did my shopping at either Forbidden Planet or Gosh! Comics (or was it Golly?), mostly ignored. When I got to the other LCS, I'm invisible until I stand at the check-out counter for a few minutes. When I go to Ms. Teresa's, it's my comic shop. I'm going to miss that.

All I can do is hope that someone good for the business buys it from her. It's already chancy, trying to have two comic shops in the same town, but I want this one to stay. Maybe to even build on the community I know is already there, take it in a better direction. But either way, I hope it keeps that corner comic store sort of feel.

...and of course, after seven years, it's this week that I finally get a winning ticket for a drawing.
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I made beef stew. It is...reasonably tasty. I had no real desire for beef stew, but I was walking through the fresh market produce section a while back (apparently, this is dangerous for me to do), and just grabbed some carrots and potatoes on a whim thinking "I'll bet I can do something yummy with these."

I've surprised myself. It's nothing to write home about (which is, I guess, why I'm writing about it. Um.), but it tastes just like any other big family lunch o' stew that I've had on a Sunday, which means I did something right when I panicked toward the end and threw in bits of whatever I thought was still usable in the spice rack.

There's too much of it, though. Maybe I can get the boy to help me eat it. Or, well, anyone. Beef stew, anyone?
Groucho: Strange Interlude

Random things

Doing novel research, I learned that if I ever have a kid, I'm not going to be able to name him after my favorite Ninja Turtle without things being very awkward. Good thing my heart's all set on Theodore Gideon.

Buckwheat honey is delicious. I like plain clover "I bought this for less than two bucks at walmart" honey too, but buckwheat honey isn't as sweet. Almost like molasses, but without the weird ting I've never liked.

Tuesday's Girls With Slingshots comic was strangely, awkwardly relevant. Nowhere near as relevant as reading George RR Martin's "The Second Kind of Loneliness" but the timing of it was still uncanny. The rest of the story arc is considerably less relevant (and ends with hugs and support instead of resigned apathy, so...meh).

I was right about the pages. Haven't heard anything back, and if I haven't now, I guess I won't. They weren't that good to begin with. I mean, they're okay, but I know I'm not at a level for it to be worth him doing anything about 'em except look. All I can hope is that he'll still look when I send another batch. I should've asked for some scripts to work with.

Writing a 1930's magical noir as a sort of belated nanowrimo, but mostly an excuse to sit down and feel productive (because at the end of an hour of writing, I have an hour's worth of writing, whether or not it's good, and I can go and change it later, whereas at the end of an hour's worth of drawing, I may not even have a rough for a panel worth finishing), and because a bunch of "just sit down and write stuff" books came through the library, and I decided why the heck not. It's actually kind of fun writing without a plan.

Also tossing around the idea of doing a two or three page story for the Orange Octopus zine. I need to order an issue and see if I think I could. It might be a good idea, all things considered.

Went flying at the Ren Fest. Well, sort of trampoline-bungee-jumping between two poles in a harness that lets you flip and stay in the air like you're weightless for several glorious seconds, but it's sort of the best thing ever, and I wish I could do it again. Also hit a perfect bullseye on the longbows with my second shot. Dead. Freaking. Center. That and getting to see Mark were weekend highlights. Also the bookshop and writer Q&A were interesting, even though I didn't know the writers. I miss Mark.

And...that's about it.
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Finally finished this page. So, that's my quota, more or less. All that's left is to touch up the previous pages, scan 'em all, and send 'em off to JP. Not that anything's going to come out of that, but mostly, at this point, it's just about keeping the lines of communication open instead of dropping the ball rather spectacularly like I did two times before (I still can't help but think that if I had followed up on that lead from back in England, I'd be working on a sweet Disney comic now. *Sigh*). But yeah, I need to put way more work into making comics, because it still takes me way waaaaay too long to make a page.

Especially this last one. It just did not want to be. And at a certain point while forcing myself back into it, I realize I've gotten to that spot where I'm really not learning anything new from this particular page or even improving at all from the drawing of it, and I constantly want to skip over to something, anything more interesting and dynamic, except that now the point is just that I finish the darned thing, because like heck I'm gonna let it beat me after all this.

So mostly, I guess I've just got another page to throw into that "thousand bad pages" list, which kind of sucks on one hand, but on the other hand, it's a page, it hurt, and it's done, so there's that.

I finished it.

But yeah. I think I'm going straight back to drawing up the rest of my Rogues/Supergirl story, right after I finish that MG bit.

...and also catch up on all the internet-type stuff I've been meaning to do. Oy.